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Market your products in your
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Market across thousands of employee emails
Show different signatures in different regions
Push new signatures to old emails instantly
Integrations for Every Marketing Strategy. Plus Mac Mail, Sparrow Mail, and More

Unlock The Power of Your Company's Email Signature

Airtime transforms your company's email signature into a centrally-controlled, unified marketing message that goes out with every message your employees send. We integrate with a variety of mail programs and allow you to easily customize your email signature in Outlook, Google Apps, Mac Mail and Sparrow among others.

Don't just send an email, track it.

Airtime provides you with advanced, real-time analytics on email impressions and click-throughs for every email you send.

Optimize for multiple messages

Airtime gives you the power to rotate between any number of email signature messages. Optimize and modify your email signature campaign on the fly to get the best results possible.

Optimize for devices, locations, and times

Airtime is smart. It detects devices, time ranges, and locations as emails open, allowing you the flexibility to change your signature dynamically. Show one signature when your email is opened on an iPhone in California, and another when it's opened on a PC in New York.

All messages update in realtime

Airtime email signatures update both instantly and retroactively. This means every email your company has ever sent with Airtime will immediately show the new signature. Your customers will never see an outdated campaign again.

Fast and easy installation

Airtime is just one line of code. That's it.

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